Romans 15:4

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope (NIV)

“Life doesn’t come with a manual.” You’ve heard that saying, right? What if I told you that old, cliched saying wasn’t actually accurate? What if life DID come with a manual? Wouldn’t that make life a bit less complicated?

I’m here to advocate for the fact that life does indeed come with a manual. It’s called The Bible. It is the Word of God. Through it God speaks to us, teaches us, inspires us, and brings us hope. We learn of the history of humanity, how we are to live in this life (and why it’s important), and we find prophecies of what the future will bring.

The Bible may be old, but the wisdom it offers is fresh and relevant. Truth doesn’t age: it stays true no matter how many years go by. While we may be distanced from the Biblical text in terms of time and language, the inherent truth that it contains remains true nonetheless. Timeless teaching is always needed.

Truth doesn’t age: it stays true no matter how many years go by.

So what does The Bible offer us today?

1. Truth in a world of subjectivity.

2. Peace in a society thrashing about in the throes of chaos.

3. Hope for creation filled with people struggling to find any glimpse of it.

We live in a society where the pervading worldview is that “you can create your own truth.” In this mindset truth is subject to your own personal thoughts and feelings. The question I have is, how can everyone’s truth actually be true if they are contradictory to one another? No matter how good of intentions that we may have in trying to make everyone feel empowered and validated it’s just not plausible that everyones truth is actually true. So by encouraging this mindset, we are encouraging people to seek things that may or may not actually be truth, and we’re doing them a disservice.

We all see the news. We hear of the chaos in the streets. No matter what your particular views are on the matters involved, violence is never the answer. Our world desperately needs peace. The Bible offers it in droves.

Paul reminds us in Romans 15:4 that the encouragement from the Scriptures brings us hope. He says that it helps us to build endurance to endure hard times. Can any of us claim not to need at least a little bit of hope? Wouldn’t endurance to carry on help us tremendously in the situation in which we find ourselves here in 2020?

I urge you to read your Bibles. Even a verse a day can make a difference. If you need a Bible reading plan or guidance on how to interpret Scripture, please reach out and I’d be thrilled to help. Search for the objective truth that it provides and don’t settle for subjectivity. In its pages you will meet God Himself, and He will speak to you.

2 thoughts on “Is The Bible Applicable For Us Today?

  1. Beautifully written. I love reading your writings, so deep, but explaining so everyone can understand and see God is guiding you.


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