God Showed Up When I Needed Him Most: A Testimony from Nina Evans

Note: This is the testimony of Nina Evans, a powerful prayer warrior and woman of God. Her family serves as the Pastoral leaders of Protection Mennonite Church in Protection, Kansas.

Isaiah 34:4

The heavens above will melt away and disappear like a rolled-up scroll. The stars will fall from the sky like withered leaves from a grapevine, or shriveled figs from a fig tree (NLT)

My name is Nina and I’d like to share my testimony with you of how God saved my soul. In January 2003 my husband and I purchased our second home about an hour away from the only town I’d lived in my whole life. We rented out our first house and were excited about the new beginning in our new home and town.

Very quickly things went from exciting and adventurous to deeply depressing and fearful. I’d lost my job at the bank, the renters up and left, and we were on the verge of financial ruin. I went out to fill out applications day after day with no luck, our car got repossessed, and then we had to file bankruptcy. Everything we’d worked for was gone and we were trying to figure out how to get my husband back and forth to work an hour away, how to keep our home, and how to survive.

Then my one-year-old cat suddenly got sick and died, and my little brother got into some serious trouble. It was as if our life was crumbling right before our eyes and there was nothing we could do to stop our world from crashing in around us. I fell into a deep depression, where I wouldn’t leave the house, didn’t want to talk to anyone, and I couldn’t see any way out of this dark empty life I had found myself in.

I couldn’t see any way out of this dark, empty life I had found myself in.

I remember my husband and I were reading the Bible because we both knew of God but didn’t know Him and figured we would give it a shot because nothing else was helping us. Well little did either of us know that would be the beginning of how God would show us the truth of what real success is, what the real dream is.

Usually, I would stay home when my husband went to work, but on one particular day I drove into our old town with him to work and stayed with him. He worked in a gas station on the wrong side of town where the people don’t come into pay but put their money into a tray through a little opening. I sat in the backroom and just talked to him whenever he didn’t have a customer. It was a long day, but I was glad not to be home alone.

It is now 11:15 pm and we are on the way home. It’s a little over an hour away and my husband was driving which was not usual because I did all the driving, but not this night. We’re driving down the long dark expressway where the only lights were from headlights of other cars, just talking when all of a sudden right about midnight the night sky was lighter than daylight. Somehow Dillon manages to stay on the road but I am screaming and crying it’s the end of the world and we are all going to hell because we don’t know Jesus, the man we have been reading about in the Bible.

I remember telling Dillon that I loved him, and I had to call my mom one last time to tell her I love her too. I somehow managed to call my mom, who was asleep, and tell her that Jesus had just come back, we were all going to hell and that I just needed her to know I loved her. While this is all taking place it was dark again: the light was gone just as quickly as it came with no sound. It was just gone. Now while my mom thought I was nuts, my stepdad had just gotten home from his third shift job and seen the light too, so she knew I wasn’t crazy, but saying it’s the end of the world and we’re going to hell; that part she still made her think I was crazy. To me, it wasn’t: I knew with everything I was that it wasn’t by chance we had been reading the Bible.

“The sky was rolled up like a scroll, and all of the mountains and islands were moved from their places.” Revelation 6:14. “The heavens above will melt away and disappear like a rolled-up scroll. The stars will fall from the sky like withered leaves from a grapevine or shriveled figs from a fig tree.” Isaiah 34:4. These 2 verses stuck out so clearly to me, even though I didn’t completely understand what they meant. I knew that if I didn’t know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior all my sins were on me, and if He had come back I was going to be lost, with the only future that awaited me being the fires of hell. There has never been a time in my life where those flames were more real and I felt the weight of all my sins. I felt such conviction that my soul was screaming, “save me Jesus, save me!” That night I knew without a doubt God used everything I was going through to save my soul from the pits of hell! We would find out the next day it was a meteoroid, but to me, God knew that it would take Him lighting up that night sky for this sinner to realize my need for Him.

That night I knew without a doubt God used everything I was going through to save my soul.

It would be years later and many more life-changing steps, but it was all leading to where I am today: a follower of Jesus Christ, pastor’s wife, and mother. God was preparing to shift my mindset from the American Dream to His vision for our life as a Pastoral family, serving Him wherever He sends us with every talent and gift He provides. Helping other lost souls find Him and grow in their personal relationships with God our Father. Loving, caring, and helping others so that our lives are so much more than just what we know here on this earth. We have a place already prepared for us that is everlasting and so much grander than any of us can imagine if we only surrender to Christ. That nothing is too hard or impossible with Him, but freeing and indescribable. So much better than our wildest dreams. I pray this has been a blessing to you to know no matter what you have, are, or will go through. Never forget, God can and is ready to rescue you. God bless you, dear reader, may God grant you His peace and mercy as you seek Him.

Note: You can check out the ministries of Protection Mennonite Church at https://protectionchurch.com/.